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We welcome you to explore with us some of the diverse communities of New Orleans and our surrounding parishes as we journey through fascinating histories found within the records of the Clerk of Civil District Court’s Office.

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Archives Month 2022-Iconic New Orleans Restaurants

When people think of New Orleans, its unique food culture is something that always comes to mind. The food in New Orleans is as diverse as its population and the dishes that the city is most famous for are deeply rooted in Creole, Cajun, Soul, and Italian food traditions. Dishes such as jambalaya, po-boys, muffulettas,…

Archives Month 2022: What Once Was-Pontchartrain Beach and Maison Blanche

There are many businesses that have come and gone in New Orleans, but there are a select few that have fixed themselves into fabric of the city. Last week, we featured three of these memorable locations: K&B, Schwegmann Brothers Giant Supermarkets, and McKenzie’s Pastry Shoppes. In our fourth blog celebrating National Archives Month, the Office…

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